NEW 2017 Jamis Coda 17" Galaxy Grey Hybrid Bike

NEW 2017 Jamis Coda 17" Galaxy Grey Hybrid Bike

$ 369.00

No frame material makes more sense on beat-up city streets than steel. Why? Hit a baseball with a wooden bat and then hit one with an aluminum bat and you’ll know why. You want your frame material to soak up those streets, not beat you with them. Hence the best: Reynolds cold-worked, double-butted chrome-moly steel.

Ride the streets in comfort and confidence.  With a triple chain ring crank set and an ATB rear derailleur set up, you'll have the gearing to get up to speed in traffic, then turn the corner and climb hills with ease.  

When the time comes, strong linear-pull brakes will help you slow down. Particularly when you've fixed a rack and cargo to your bike.  The eyelets are available for both racks and fenders, so you'll be kept dry when the weather turns.


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