Carnac Lingne Pro Ellipse 3 Cycling Shoes 45EU Road Bike Racing TT TRI 750g

$ 49.99

For sale is a pair of Carnac Ligne Pro Ellipse 3 Cycling Shoes

Brand: Carnac
Model: Pro Ellipse Carbon
Type: Road Racing, Tri Velcro Strap
Size: 45
Cleats: Speedplay (not included)
Weight: 750g

- *Strap on top left shoe is lifting off of the velcro* (still usable in present condition)
- used shoes in decent condition; would be in very good condition if it was not for the faulty strap
- no cracks in the base plate of the shoe and all bolt holes are free of any corrosion or stripping

Estimated Shipping Cost: $12.99 (2.5 lb)