Got Old Bikes & Gear?


Get your items to us: swing by the store, ship them, or schedule a pickup at your home.


From assessment to pricing, photography to shipping. It's all handled by our experienced staff.

How Much Will I Make?

Your Takeaway

  • 50% on the first $100
  • 65% on the next $400
  • 80% of the remaining value over $500
  • *after minimum commission (see below)

Let's Calculate It


*additional deductions may lower the final return (see below)


    Drop it off. We do the work. You get paid when it sells, getting you max value.


    Get our consignment rate immediately in store credit for a purchase now or later.


    In some cases we will make an offer for a lower payout but immediate deal.


    Donations help us to better serve our local community with affordable services and programs.

How It Works

Additional Details

OUR COMMISSION: is based on the sale price of each item. This excludes sales taxes and shipping (if either is applicable). Shipping is charged at calculated and industry standard rates.

PAYOUTS: We pay all consignors at the beginning of each month for all items that sold over 7 days prior. You have the option of being paid by check (mailed or pick up in store), PayPal, or get an extra 5% in store credit

PRICING: we either put items up for a fixed price with periodic price drops, or sell on auction for a quick sale

  • Most people trust us to research and price items. With consignment, we're in it together - the more it sells for, the more we both make. However, if you have a minimum you want for an item, let us know - If we're unable to sell it for that price, we will drop your minimum by 10% each month until it sells or you pick it back up (return fees apply).

RETURN FEE: $50 per bicycle (plus full parts and labor charge on return) or $40 per item.

MINIMUM COMMISSION: We have a minimum commission of $40 per item which helps to cover the time and expenses to sell each item. The Minimum Commission is taken out of the beginning balance of the sale until the minimum is reached. See examples below

MINIMUM PAYOUT: We guarantee at least a $1 minimum payout on all items that we accept to sell, regardless of whether it sells below our stated minimum commission. See examples below

EXTRA PARTS & LABOR: We stand behind every product we sell, and we'll cover the first $25 worth of labor on each complete bike, but if additional parts and labor are required for us to back the bike with our Fresh Ride Guarantee (60 day mechanical warranty), we’ll bill it at a discount of 25% off our normal rates, deducted from your payout once sold.

TRADE INS: are based off an appraised "confident resale value" and are calculated using our consignment rates less any deductions. Trade in credit will be added to your customer account for use immediately or later.

STRAIGHT SALES: are at the discretion of our staff and require a proof of purchase and serial number check. We typically offer 15% below our trade in value. Depending on the scenario we may or may not be able to offer an immediate payment on the spot, but can send it typically within 2 days via check or PayPal.

PICK UP FEES: If you would like us to drive and pick up your item(s), we charge a standard pick up fee of $30 plus an extra $1 per mile driven. This will be deducted from your payout(s).

SHIP IT TO US: If you would like to ship us items to sell, you are responsible to cover the cost of packing and postage. If after inspection, any items are not approved for resale we will either donate them, or you can cover the cost of packing and postage to have them sent back to you.

NO EXTRA FEES: Our commission covers any ebay/paypal or credit card fees (which can be up to 14%) associated with the sale.

SAME RATES: Wondering what happens if something sells in store instead of on eBay? What you get is the same. Selling on eBay is quick and easy, while in store purchases often require extensive time working with customers to find the right solutions and fit for them. Our standard rates keep pricing simple, and frankly, help us to run a retail and online store together, which makes selling your stuff twice as effective.

  • EXAMPLE 1: Your item sells for $100 on ebay via paypal. You get $50, ebay/paypal get $13, and we keep the remaining $37.
  • EXAMPLE 2: Your item sells for $1000 online via credit card. You get $710, cc takes $30, and we keep the remaining $260.
  • EXAMPLE 3: Your item sells for $60 in store via cash. You get $20, we keep $40 due to the $40 minimum commission.
  • EXAMPLE 4: Your item sells for $25 in store via cash. You get $1, we keep $24 due to the $40 minimum commission and $1 minimum payout.

EXCLUSIVITY: Sorry, but you can't try to sell the item on the side while it's on consignment. Don't worry, items we sell typically go for well above market value due to our brick and mortar bike shop, experience with the used market, effective pricing strategy, and overwhelmingly positive reviews.

SELLING TIME: Most items are listed for sale within a couple weeks and sell within a few months. This of course varies depending on the queue of consignor items and whether you're after a quick payout or maximum value.

OTHER QUESTIONS? Feel free to ask.