Repairs & Services

Our experienced mechanics, honest assessment and reasonable pricing keep our customers riding safe and happy.

House Specials

ServiceDescriptionLaborTurn Around
Fix Flat Remove, inspect, and install new tube $5 - $10 20 mins
Wheel True Tensioning of spokes to spin straight and round $15 - $25 1 hour
Safety Check Inspect bicycle, tighten bolts & pressure tires $25 1 hour
Pack to Ship Package bicycle in hardcase or cardboard box $40 - $60 1 day
Tune Up Adjustment: brakes/drivetrain, clean & lube: chain & cables, wheel truing $60-80 1-3 days
Box Build Complete assembly and tune of boxed bicycle $45 - $60 1-3 days
Overhaul Complete cleaning and relubrication of all parts $100 - $150 1 week
Custom Build Complete assembly of full bicycle $120 - $150 1 week

Bike Fitting

Looking to get more comfortable and efficient on your bike? We provide an affordable option to get you there.

Basic Fit


We'll hook you up to the trainer then set your seat height, saddle, and stem position for comfort and efficiency.

Note: Our basic fit is designed to affordably address three primary aspects of bicycle fit: seat height, saddle position, and reach. We are not certified professional fitters, but we do understand the basic theory of fitting. If you are dealing with injuries or looking to get every last detail optimized, please seek out a professional fitter, but if you want to get the majority of the way there, we can help.