Appointment required for Repairs & Service

*Flat tires, or packing a bike to ship do not need an appointment

Tune Ups and Package Deals

Inspection & Safety Check - Inspect bicycle for issues and provide estimate
- Pressure Tires
Level 1 Tune Up Inspection & Safety Check plus:
- Adjust: brakes, derailleurs, hubs, headset, bottom bracket
- Minor wheel truing
- Lube chain
- Wipe down bike
*does not include hydraulic brake bleeding
Level 2 Tune Up Level 1 Tune Up plus:
- Lube cables, levers, calipers, derailleurs
- Remove chain, clean, lube and reinstall
- Tubeless tire refresh or tube/tire changes if needed
- Install new cables/housing/pads/brakes/derailleurs if needed
- Bike Wash
Level 3 Tune Up Level 2 Tune Up plus:
- Major wheel truing
- Remove drivetrain, soak, clean and lube, reinstall on bike
Custom Build Complete assembly of full bicycle from frame $299 and up

Common Repairs and Services

Fix Flat Tire Remove, inspect, and install new tube $15 - $35
Tubeless Recharge Inject new sealant and seat tire on rim $15 (each tire)
Tubeless Tire Setup Tape rim for air tight seal, add sealant, pressurize and seat tire on rim $45 (each tire)
Wrap Handlebars Uniformly wrap, cut and tape handlebars with fresh bar tape $22
Wheel Truing Get your wheels spinning straight and round by adjusting spoke tension $25-$60
Derailleur Adjustment Dial in all screws and cable tension for proper shifting $22
Brake Adjustment Dial in brake position and pad spacing $15 and up
Disc Brake Bleed Install new brake fluid into existing hydraulic system $45 (each brake)
Chain Install Set chain to proper size and install on bike $15
Brake Pad Install Remove old pads, install and adjust spacing for new brake pads $22
Pack to Ship Package bicycle in hardcase or cardboard box $80 and up
Strip Parts off Frame Remove all parts to be left with a bare frame $55
Bike Wash Removes most dirt and grime from the whole bicycle $25
Drivetrain Clean Remove drivetrain parts, soak, scrub, lube and re-install $70

Bike Builds and Assembly

*Box Build assembly assumes we are unpacking the bike, attaching the wheels, handlebar, and seatpost, tightening all bolts to spec and performing a Level 1 tune up to the bike. Additional charges may apply for extra assembly or services required.

Box Build - NEW Single Speed Assembly and tune of new single speed boxed bicycle $79+
Box Build - NEW Geared Assembly and tune of new geared boxed bicycle $99+
Box Build - NEW Electric Assembly and tune of new electric boxed bicycle $199+