Repairs & Services

Our experienced mechanics, honest assessment and reasonable pricing keep our customers riding safe and happy.

Repairs and Service (except flat tires) are by appointment only
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Tune Ups and Package Deals

Inspection & Safety Check - Inspect bicycle for issues and provide estimate
- Pressure Tires
Level 1 Tune Up Inspection & Safety Check plus:
- Adjust: brakes, derailleurs, hubs, headset, bottom bracket
- Minor wheel truing
- Lube chain
- Wipe down bike
*does not include hydraulic brake bleeding
Level 2 Tune Up Level 1 Tune Up plus:
- Lube cables, levers, calipers, derailleurs
- Remove Chain, clean, lube and reinstall
- Tubeless tire refresh or tube/tire changes if needed
*install new cables/housing/pads/brakes/derailleurs if needed
Level 3 Tune Up Level 2 Tune Up plus:
- Major Wheel Truing
- Remove drivetrain, soak, clean and lube, reinstall on bike
- Frame clean and polish
Overhaul Level 3 Tune Up plus:
- Overhauling of all bearing assemblies
Custom Build Complete assembly of full bicycle from frame $250 and up

Common Repairs and Services

Fix Flat Tire Remove, inspect, and install new tube $10 - $12
Tubeless Tire Setup Tape rim for air tight seal, add sealant, pressurize and seat tire on rim $35 (each tire)
Wrap Handlebars Uniformly wrap, cut and tape handlebars with fresh bar tape $20
Wheel Truing Get your wheels spinning straight and round by adjusting spoke tension $20 (minor) - $50 (major)
Derailleur Adjustment Dial in all screws and cable tension for proper shifting $20
Brake Adjustment Dial in brake position and pad spacing $12 and up
Disc Brake Bleed Install new brake fluid into existing hydraulic system $35 (each brake)
Chain Install Set chain to proper size and install on bike $12
Brake Pad Install Remove old pads, install and secure new brake pads $12
Pack to Ship Package bicycle in hardcase or cardboard box $60 and up
Strip Parts off Frame Remove all parts to be left with a bare frame $45

Bike Builds and Assembly

*Box Build assembly assumes we are unpacking the bike, attaching the wheels, handlebar, and seatpost, tightening all bolts to spec and performing a Level 1 tune up to the bike. Additional charges may apply for extra assembly or services required.
Box Build - NEW Single Speed Assembly and tune of new single speed boxed bicycle $65+
Box Build - NEW Geared Assembly and tune of new geared boxed bicycle $85+
Box Build - NEW Electric Assembly and tune of new electric (or electronic shifting) boxed bicycle $105+
*USED or Department Store Bike Surcharge *added onto box build charge to account for additional work required +$20

Bike Fitting

Improve your power, comfort and efficiency

Basic Performance Bike Fit


Max Performance Bike Fit


To schedule an appointment please contact us through the website. Let us know your height and the bike's make/model and size and we'll get back to you shortly.

If you have specific questions about the fit, please contact our fitter, Mike McKovich directly at 760-220-7174.

Our highly skilled bike fit professional will guide you through a complete process to improve your positioning on the bike, as well as your power output, pedaling efficiency and aerodynamics. It's a way to ride smarter and safer; saving energy while gaining comfort and speed.

Who needs a bike fit? Anyone with a new bike and plans to put a lot of miles on it, anyone getting annoying aches and pains on a bike they've had for awhile, people returning to cycling after an injury, or if you're just looking to get every last detail dialed in.