Repairs & Services

Our experienced mechanics, honest assessment and reasonable pricing keep our customers riding safe and happy.

House Specials

ServiceDescriptionLaborTurn Around
Fix Flat Remove, inspect, and install new tube $5 - $10 20 mins
Wheel True Tensioning of spokes to spin straight and round $15 - $25 1 hour
Safety Check Inspect bicycle, tighten bolts & pressure tires $25 1 hour
Pack to Ship Package bicycle in hardcase or cardboard box $40 - $60 1 day
Tune Up Adjustment: brakes/drivetrain, clean & lube: chain & cables, wheel truing $60-80 1-3 days
Box Build Complete assembly and tune of boxed bicycle $45 - $60 1-3 days
Overhaul Complete cleaning and relubrication of all parts $100 - $150 1 week
Custom Build Complete assembly of full bicycle $120 - $150 1 week

Bike Fitting

Improve your comfort and efficiency

Professional Fit


Professional Fit w/ Custom Insoles


Call to schedule an appointment or  CONTACT US. Let us know your height and the bike's make/model and size. We'll get back to you quickly.

Our professional fitter will guide you through a complete process to improve your positioning on the bike, as well as your power output, pedaling efficiency and aerodynamics. It's a way to ride smarter and safer; saving energy while gaining comfort and speed.

Who needs a bike fit? Anyone with a new bike and plans to put a lot of miles on it, anyone getting annoying aches and pains on a bike they've had for awhile, people returning to cycling after an injury, or if you're just looking to get every last detail dialed in.