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Join our overnight bikepacking trip Aug 19-20!

Want to get out of (and above) the city for a night? Come along on our overnight backpacking excursion.  We've enjoyed a few of these overnighters among the staff and want to open up the invitation to you, our customers and friends. 

We'll leave from Around The Cycle at 6pm, Saturday August 19, taking Chaney Trail to the Mt. Lowe Campground. In the morning there'll be a little more climbing, up to Mt. Wilson, before heading back down on the Mt. Wilson Toll Road to Altadena, returning to the shop around noon. 

  • Here's a link to the route.
  • This link provides extra info about the climb up to Mt. Lowe. 

If you're new to bikepacking this is a great way to get started.  Although this route does call for a decent amount of climbing, because it's for only one night it requires a minimum of gear and supplies.  Please plan on being fully self-sufficient.  Here's a list of essentials you'll want to bring:

  • An off-road capable BIKE. It's a good idea to do a thorough safety and maintenance check (several days) before heading out.  If you want a professional eye come by the shop for a pre-ride checkup. 
  • HYDRATION and NUTRITION to get you through until mid-morning when we'll take a break atop Mt. Wilson and have an opportunity to get water and/or food at the Cosmic Cafe.
  • SLEEPING BAG / PAD / SHELTER. Each has their own idea of comfort and minimalism. Bring what suits you and can be transported easily. 
  • HELMET. Required!
  • LIGHTS. It will be near-to-fully dark before we arrive at the campsite.
  • AIR. A small hand pump and/or CO2 supplies. 
  • EXTRA CLOTHING. An extra layer for the evening and morning chill is a good idea. 

Please let us know if you'd like to come along.  You can RSVP on our Facebook Events page. 

If you have any questions about the route, how to prepare, etc. don't hesitate to call, write or stop by. 


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