'Tis the Season for Expansion

'Tis the Season for Expansion

You heard it right. After operating at capacity for over a year in our little sardine can, we're excited to be moving into a more spacious space. Don't worry, we're not moving far. It'll just be two units over in the same business park, so just park where you normally do. We're excited to be making some changes in the new year as we prepare for this next phase.

Due to the move, we'll be planning to close the storefront from Christmas Eve on into 2017. We will still be selling and shipping products online, and will meet by appointment only during this time if you'd like to purchase products or drop off consignment items. Our re-open date hasn't been set yet, so stay tuned as there are bound to be festivities and giveaways as we celebrate opening the new space. 

A larger space means more opportunity for growth, which also means we'll be needing more help soon. So, if you love bikes and want to be a part of a team that is out to change the bike industry by making the love of cycling more accessible and sustainable please send your resume to ryan at aroundthecycle dot com.

Suzy and I are excited to share that we're expanding too, expecting our first child on January 26th. As a family run business we just want to say thank you so much for your support.


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