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DEMO Yuba Fastrack Cargo E-bike Green

DEMO Yuba Fastrack Cargo E-bike Green

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YUBA Fastrack. The e-cargo bike you can stand up vertically for extra space savings.
  • Two 20" wheels, for an excellent maneuverability and a low center of gravity making it easier to ride with people or gear. The compact design and its short wheelbase enable make it easier to take your bike on the train.
  • Mid-drive Shimano STEPS E7000 system with a 10-speed derailleur will make your rides easier and a fast-charging 500Wh battery will keep your down time to a minimum.
  • 1.91 m long and 440 lbs weight capacity
  • Bike weight: 76 lbs
  • Same load capacity as the Spicy Curry but in a compact mid-tail design which can maneuver tight spaces with ease and be stored vertically on its end.
  • Integrated patented Dual Rack System (DRS) allowing your bike to adapt to any type of cargo. Change to a Sideloader, Carry-On, Flat or Compact mode, in seconds.
  • Telescopic fork, the adjustable seatpost or the unique Easy Up handlebars make it simple to share the bike with others and store the Fastrack in small spaces.

CONDITION: Demo bike shows minor signs of wear from test rides and storage

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