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NEW MicroShift R10 Double 10 speed Dual Control Levers

NEW MicroShift R10 Double 10 speed Dual Control Levers

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These microSHIFT R10, Shimano-compatible 10-speed shifters feature comfortable ergonomics, easy installation, and durability you can rely on. Whether you're replacing a broken shifter, doing a drop bar conversion, or building from scratch, these well-constructed shifters will do the trick.

  • Includes cable and housing
  • Compatible with the Shimano 105 5700 / Tiagra 4600 10-speed road systems
  • Separate dedicated lever for up- and down-shifts
  • Replaceable hood cover and face plate
  • External shift cable routing for low friction, smooth response and easy cable and housing replacement
  • Compatible with Shimano 10-speed road systems, including 105 5700 and Tiagra 4600
  • Anodized forged aluminum brake lever and resin steel shift lever
  • Rear Der/Shifter Compatibility: Shimano Road
  • Drivetrain Speeds: 10
  • Weight: 430
  • Double or Triple: Double
  • Brake Lever Actuation: Short Pull
  • Front Der/Shifter Compatibility: Shimano Road
  • Color: Black/Silver
  • Adjustable Reach: No
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